Where to Find Jelqing Instructions For Exercising Your Penis


Jelqing is the exercise technique that many men have used successfully to enlarge their penis. The key to jelqing is patience, consistency and finding the right instructions to follow.

There are different options for jelqing instructions. Here are three of the most common choices:

Free Sites. There are some jelqing instructions online which you can get for free. This will give you an idea of what jelqing is and how to perform the exercise in a general sense. The downfall with free sites is that the instruction is basic and the routines can sometimes be incomplete. Good instruction should include such things as the proper warm up and cool down techniques which will create faster and quicker results. They should also include different variations on the exercises, and various tricks on how to speed up results and increase growth. Many free sites don’t include these very important aspects to jelqing instructions. Nevertheless, you can get a good general idea on how to jelq.

Membership Sites. These require you to pay to get in, but the information you get is very complete and will include everything you need to see results. These sites will include warm up techniques, warm down procedures, variations on the exercise, and other exercises to perform alongside jelqs to increase progress. Plus most membership sites guarantee their results. You will have all the jelqing instructions you need with member sites.

Jelqing Videos. There are some jelqing videos you can find online for instruction. While these may not include every detail you need to know, they will give you a good idea of what jelqing is all about and how it is performed, and how to get started. This is good information to determine if performing jelqs is going to be right for you. Keep in mind, the member sites will usually include videos as well, but you can also find free jelq videos on the internet through the popular video sharing websites. Now, the free vids will not be explicit in nature and the creator will generally use penis like objects (like a banana) to demonstrate the technique.

Here is a pretty good FREE jelqing video which uses a banana to demonstrate the jelq technique – http://JelqingVideo.net.

The video also includes good information on further jelqing instructions which have complete routines which guarantee size increase results. Check it out at http://JelqingVideo.net.

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